Courier, Logistics and Management Institute (CLMI) has designed a special scheme package for corps members.

This package has 2 certifications in one (Proficiency Certificate and Graduate Membership Certificate) in Courier, Logistics and Transport Management institute, which will be issued to the corps member after the examination.


A World of Opportunities For Fresh Graduates!

See Some of The Benefits of the Programme Below:

Benefit 1

Membership of the first and the only institute in the world at the moment combining Courier, Logistics, Management and Transport.

Benefit 2

Exposure to the modern principle and techniques of courier, logistics and transport management

Benefit 3

Two Certifications in one package. (Proficiency and Graduate Membership Certificate).

Course Objective 1

To produce highly qualified professional personnel in Courier,Logistics and Transport Management-vide world class organized training and education.

Course Objective 2

To ensure practical application of theoretical underpinnings of Courier, Logistics and Transport Management.

Course Objective 3

To professionalize activities in Courier, Logistics, Transport and Management.

From The Chairman's Desk

Courier, Logistics and Transport Management is relatively virgin globally. In the contemporary times, the business of courier and logistics has taken a global dimension and has become critical in national development. The prominence and the need to promote professionalism in Courier and Logistics have made it imperative for these professional diploma and advanced diploma programme.

This Course will expose the student or to effective planning in distribution network, fleet management, delivery management, route planning and management,

Prof. Simon Emeje

CHAIRMAN, Courier & Logistics Management Institute