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Dear Friend, I'm so excited to invite you to participate in the Advanced and Professional Diploma of Courier and Logistics Management Institute in collaboration with Unilag Consult, the Swiss School of Business and other great programmes. I encourage you to download the brochure and go through it to know which of the programmes you can apply for. You are welcome on board!

Prof. Simon Emeje

Chairman, CLMI

Prof Simon Emeje
Folashade Ayeni

Hands-On Certified Training Like No Other!

As the registrar of Courier & Logistics Management Institute, I have received countless testimonials from people about the positioning our training has given them in the employment market, particularly in the Courier, Logistics and Transport Management Industry. I encourage you to explore the same opportunity. Learn more from our free colorful brochure by clicking the download button on this page. Thank you!

Folashade Ayeni,

Registrar, CLMI