Corporate Training

1Courier, Logistics & Transport Emergency Management-Emergency Issues
-Courier & Emergency
-Logistics & Emergency
-Emergency Management
-Transport & Supply Chain Management
-Transport & Logistics Management
Directors, General Managers, Managers, Principal Officers, Field Officers, Courier & Logistics Operators, Transport & Logistics Operators e.t.c3-5 DaysLagos
2Distribution & Government Interface-Distribution Management
-Network & Destination Planning
-Route Management
-Government Policy on distribution
Directors Generals, Managing Directors, Directors,
Ministers(Transport, Communications, Planning, Budget, Works) etc.
2-3 DaysLagos
3Supply Chain Management-Element of Transport & Logistics Management
-Supply Chain Process
-Transport Environment
-Supply Chain Solutions
Courier & Logistics Operators, General Managers, Directors, Managers, Store Managers, Transport Officers. etc.3-5 DaysLagos
4Mail Room Management-Definition
-Mail room Structure
-Mail room Operation
-Mail room Performance & Evaluation
-Route Planning
Logistics Managers, Officers, Banks, Courier Companies, Insurance Companies, Manufacturing Companies, Postal Organization, Other Corporate Bodies.2 DaysLagos
5Sales & Credit Management-Modern Principle of Sales Management
-Modern Marketing Techniques
-Credit Management Techniques
-Debt Recovery Techniques
Sales Managers,
Marketing Managers,
Credit Managers,
Business Managers, etc.
3 DaysLagos
6Fleet & Delivery Management-Nature of Fleet
-Vehicle Management
-Delivery Management
-Route Planning
-Customs Operations
Managing Directors, Directors, General Managers, Managers, Courier & Logistics Operators, Principal officers, delivery Managers etc.3-4 DaysLagos
7Electoral Logistics Operations-Distribution chain Management
-Forward & Reverse Logistics Management
-Effective Planning in distribution network
-Warehousing & inventory Management
-Security implications of the electoral process
Directors & Logistics officers in Federal, State & Local Government electoral officers, Directors, Field Officers in Ministers of internal Affairs, Transport, works etc.3-5 Days Lagos
8Humanitarian Logistics-Role of key Agencies/Cluster in Humanitarian logistics
-Locating Facilities & Temporary Settlement Planning
-Humanitarian Relief Chain Management
-Humanitarian Relief vs Commercial Supply Chain.
Managers & Officers in Emergency Agencies, Refugee Organizations, Military & Paramilitary Organizations, NGOs, Courier companies, etc.2 DaysLagos
9Emergency Logistics-Introduction to Disasters
-Emergencies & Relief Chain
-Emergency Logistics Strategies
-Emergency Performance Measurement
-Relief Material procurement (e-procurement)
Managers & Officers in Emergency Agencies, Refugee Organizations, Military & Para-military organizations, NGOs, Courier Companies, etc.2 DaysLagos
10Logistics Information System Managem-Emergencies Information Techniques
-Geographical Information System: E-maps
-Joint Supply Trucking
-Spatial Data Infrastructure for Transport
-Integration of Enterprises
-Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management system (WMS) & Transportation Management System (TMS)
-Emergency Logistics Field Operations Manual
-Demand Chain Management & Networking.
Managers & Officers in Logistics Companies, Postal
Organization, courier companies, Maritime organization.
2 DaysLagos
11Management-Management Techniques
-Management Principles
-Theories of Administration
-Manpower Developer
Data Management
Human Resources,
Managers/ Officers, Administrative Managers, Officers, Head of Department of organization
2 Days Lagos
12Entrepreneurship-Business Forms
-Risk Management
-Business Management
Entrepreneurs, Investment Managers/ Officers Portfolios, Managers in Manufacturing, distribution & Business organization2 DaysLagos
13Communication Skills -Forms of communication
-Communication Strategies
-Speech Writing
-Computer Appreciation
Managers/ Officers in business organization
Public Relations, Schools, Protocol, Relationship Dept, Courier, Pharmacies.
2 Days Lagos
14Warehousing-Types of Warehouse
-Functions of warehousing
-Automation & Storage system
-Inventory Management
Manager/Officers in Warehousing, Transport, Logistics, Courier, Distribution companies etc.2 DaysLagos
15Marketing Communication-Branding & Packaging
-Relationship Management
-Delivery (Distribution)
Managers/ Officers in Marketing Companies, Public relations, Sales dept, Customer dept, Courier companies, Pharmacies.2 DaysLagos
16Investment Planning-Feasibility Report
-Investment Options
-Investment Funding
CEOs, Entrepreneur,
Business Development Managers
2 DaysLagos
17e-Commerce-Operational concept
-Technology in e-Commerce
-Route planning & Management
-Payment arrangement
Managers in Courier, Logistics, Transport, ICT Companies, Postal Companies, Super-Markets, Pharmacies2 DaysLagos
18Courier, Logistics & Technology -ICT
-Automation in Courier & logistics
-Tracking & Tracing System
-Courier & Logistics Solutions
-GIS (Geographical Information System)
Managers in Courier, Logistics, Transport, ICT.2 DaysLagos
19Courier, Logistics & Security -Security System in Courier & Logistics
-Fraud Detection in Courier & Logistics
-Surveillance in Courier & Logistics
Managers in security companies, courier, logistics, police, military and para-military.2 DaysLagos
20Logistics & Transport-Operational Concept
-Passenger Transport system
-Freight Logistics
-Route Planning
-Fleet Planning
CEO, Manager in Courier, Logistics Transport.2 DaysLagos
21Driver Training -Quality & Responsibilities of a good driver
-Causes, Effects, & prevention of road accidents
-Defensive driving techniques
-Vehicle Maintenance
-Introduction to highway codes.
-Traffic offenses and penalties.
-Ergonomics (Posture)
Psychometric Test
-Stress Management
-Modern Driving skills
-Modern vehicle technology analysis
-Health & Safety Management
Driver & Transport officers of Federal, State, & Local Government electoral offices,
Drivers & Transport Officers in Ministries, Government Parastatal & other corporate bodies
3-5 DaysLagos
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