Great Professional and Academic opportunities are now available to study and obtain BSc, MSc, and PhD in Logistics and Transport Management from SWISS SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT (SSM), ROME, ITALY. In collaboration with LIMBURG GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS (LGSB), NETHERLANDS.

The Nigerian and African representatives is COURIER AND LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE. (CLMI), NIGERIA. These opportunities for the programmes are the first in the world because no university offers these four areas in one comprehensive package.

The BSc, MSc, and PhD programmes supports graduates in their academic and/or professional career development. The programmes are relevant, rich academically and professionally valid and inline comparable with national and international standards of higher education. it fulfills the criteria of the process of harmonization of higher education in Europe, and the learning outcomes of the highest level of the European Qualification Framework (EQF-Level 8).

Why the SSM logistics Program?

During your logistics management degree studies, you will develop a broad knowledge of logistic operation as well as targeted skills in your specific field, such as courier logistics, production and distribution logistics , e-commerce, IT, quality management, project management and so much more…

Who The SSM BLM is Designed For

This programme is for candidate from 16 years and above. Students seeking admission to the undergraduate programs must have completed secondary education equivalent to a high school level.
The student must have a sound command of English language.

The Benefits


  • It is vital because it enables our alumni to maintain contact with their peers
  • Receive and provide lifelong learning and career support;
  • Make financial contributions
  • Help with school enchantments and participate in social events that are held around the world.



  • Swiss School of Management (SSM) motivates its students to attend int’l student conference among it’s partner universities and associations.
  • Courier and Logistics Management Institute (CLMI) and LGSB will organize visits to locations in Europe renowned for their advanced logistic cluster: the ports of Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Antwerp (Belgium); and the logistic hubs in Limburg (Netherlands).

Course Outline

  • General Management
  • Economics
  • Law/ Taxes
  • Information Technology
  • Logistics and Transport
  • Procurement and Distribution Logistics
  • Production Logistics
  • Business Administration Specializations
  • Electives Courses
  • Bachelor Semester

BSc Programme

Minimum of 5 Credits at not more than 2 sitings in


MSc Programme

-BSc/BA Degree
-HND/Post Graduate Diploma (PGD)

PhD Programme

-Msc/MA Degree

Login to :

or collect the application form directly for Courier and logistics Management Institute, @

2A, Omo Ighodalo street,
Ogudu GRA,
Ogudu Lagos,

About 60% of the full fee paid in Switzerland will be given to Nigerian and African Students who applies for admission with the above requirements on time.

The following fees will therefore be paid by the students after induction of the scholarship from the full fees in Switzerland:

  • BSc Degree : $3,000 USD per annum instead of about $7,000 USD per annum paid in Switzerland ; about $4,000 USD is given as scholarship.
  • MSc Degree : $4,000 per annum instead of $24,000 USD per annum paid in Switzerland; $20,000 is given as scholarship.
  • PhD Degree : $5,000 USD instead of $15,000 per annum paid in Switzerland; $10,000 USD is given as scholarship.
  • Non-Refundable Application fee of $60

Please note that all fee should be calculated at the current exchange rate at that time of payment.

Completed Application form should be retuned to:

Courier and Logistics Management Institute  with the above address or to Swiss School of Management through the e-mail; after the payment of $30 application fee to the following account info;

Account Name: Courier and Logistics Management Institute
Account number: 1015030547
Bank name : Zenith Bank

Course Duration

6 Weeks

  • E-Learning System (On-Line)
  • Videoconferencing , use of smartphones, Tablets, etc.
  • Direct class attendance at the study centers across the country in form of role shops with lectures and study materials and electronic interaction.

Please check our website:
or call: +2349021264478

Please check our website:
or call: +2349021264478

Name: Robert Goedegebuure, PhD

Name : Prof Simon Emeje
2A, Omo Ighodalo street,
Ogudu GRA,
Ogudu, Lagos

Name : Registrar (Frank Atirene)
2A, Omo Ighodalo street,
Ogudu GRA,
Ogudu, Lagos
Phone: +2349021264478