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Virtual Transportation:
Logistics Panacea in a Crisis-Ridden Economy

Folashade Ayeni
Folashade Ayeni

Registrar, CLMI [Host]

Transportation is an integral part of human existence and relationships - Personal, Business, Spiritual, Social, or any other kind of relationship.

Prof. Simon Emeje


In This Webinar, You will:

  • Understand the Underlying Issues of this Giant Industry
  • Be Exposed to the Novel Concept of Virtual Transportation, Being the Future of Logistics, As Initiated by Prof. Simon Emeje
  • Be Equipped With Smart Solutions to Approach Your "Business of Logistics"
  • Understand How Transportation is a Functionality of the Mind


Thursday 17th September, 2020


3 P.M. Prompt (WAT)



About Prof. Simon Emeje

Prof. Simon Emeje is the Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Courier and Logistics Management Institute (CLMI), Lagos, which runs programs in collaboration with the Swiss School of Management. He has decades of experience in the field of Courier and Logistics Management.


Courier and Logistics  Management Institute (CLMI) is an academic and a professional institute that is situated in Lagos, NigeriaThe Institute is the first and the only in the world that is combining courier, logistics, management and transport at the moment.

Vision: To be the best professional Institute for Courier, Logistics, Management and Transport in Nigeria.

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